Top 7 Popular Virtual Support Services

People employed as virtual assistants often have several years of experience working as administrative assistants or administrators. New opportunities are opening up for virtual assistants with experience in social media, content management, blog writing, graphic design, and online marketing. Check the top seven popular virtual support services in the article below.

Benefits of the Virtual Support Service as the Best Virtual Assistant

In today’s world of constant dynamics, a virtual assistant greatly simplifies life, helping to organize affairs and plan the day, keep in constant contact with loved ones and work colleagues, and quickly find the necessary information on the Internet. Such a personal “secretary”, based on the interests of the user, greatly facilitates the life and work of a modern person. Support tools allow companies to resolve complaints more effectively with the help of a virtual assistant.

Among the main benefits you can get with the best virtual support services are:

  • Enhance your new joiner’s onboarding experience with always-on conversational AI.
  • Forget the email-based form and leave control from anywhere at any time.
  • Experience the true power of automation combined with a bot to quickly solve IT problems.
  • Give users access to a knowledge base on the go to help them get information right at their fingertips.
  • Make it easy for your users to get answers to common payroll and finance questions.

The virtual assistant program understands your conversation, responds to you, and performs many daily tasks for you, such as sending mail, searching, opening applications, reporting news and weather, and much more. Best of all, it’s all voice-activated. In fact, for some of the following virtual assistants, this is the only input they can get. They really make users’ lives easier, helping to launch the necessary programs faster, manage Internet of Things systems, and quickly find the necessary information on the Internet. And thanks to artificial intelligence, some can even learn while working with you.

Which Are the Top Seven Popular Virtual Support Services?

  • Time etc

Initially, it was conceived only to help mentally disabled people, but over time it improved and demonstrated its excellent work in many directions (in test mode).

  • MyTasker

The list of available services includes search, control of music and smart home devices, work with task lists and e-mail, interaction with the calendar, and so on. Interaction with such assistants is usually via voice or text.


BELAY provides the ability to have a virtual assistant who can answer your phone remotely without the knowledge of the end user. This allows many companies to add an individual approach in the form of an administrator without additional costs for anyone.

  • Fancy Hands

This help desk software boasts a useful set of tools for analytics, time tracking, and integrated reporting for performance evaluation.

  • WoodBows

Applications of only one client can be hosted in the application service environment, and this is done in one of the virtual networks. Clients can manage the incoming and outgoing network traffic of applications in detail, and applications can create high-speed, secure connections to local corporate resources via VPN.

  • Uassist.ME

A virtual support agent of Uassist.ME helps resolve technical issues through self-service chat. After you enter details about the problem you’re having, the bot explains why it’s happening and how to fix it, giving you the skills to fix the problem if it happens again.

  • Prialto

Prialto saves time because you no longer need to send a request to support to find a solution, allowing you to get back to important business priorities.