Emotionalize and
excite with a Holodeck

Our trade fair approved virtual reality solutions for large groups are ideal
for the unforgettable moments and are sure to attract people’s attention to your booth.

You focus on your business, we focus on the experience.

Let’s make it unforgettable.

A premium VR experience for the innovation leader of the industry

Excite with individual functionality, design, interaction, and configuration – at the highest quality level:

  • Emotionalize your product worlds and branding
  • A unique group VR experience which you can re-use in your showroom, in sales, and product development
  • Full-service solution incl. consulting, conception, content creation, implementation, technical support, hardware rental

About Us

HolodeckVR GmbH is a pioneer and market leader in providing turnkey, high quality multi-user VR experience to customers across all industries. We are an interdisciplinary team that understands and implements customer wishes holistically. Whether the product does not yet exist, is very complex and area-extensive, has many configuration options or the customer wishes to emotionalize brand values, we will help you competently and professionally.

Official service partner of the Munich trade fair

The special advantage of this joint VR experience is that users can see each other’s avatars and can therefore interact and collaborate in VR. A moderator (often times a salesperson) can guide the visitors through the experience. This results in a deep emotional bond to the brand/product and ultimately, in more sales for the exhibitor.

“putting people into dynamic VR experiences where they’ll be able to interact with each other in VR worlds in the same physical space”

“You’re not playing Pac-Man, you are Pac-Man”

“Human-centered design (HCD) is a methodology
 for creating new services and experiences that 
resonate meaningfully with customers”

“The Holodeck VR system, which can handle dozens of guests simultaneously, was the ideal extension”

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