Locations – Operators

What do you need to run a Holodeck?


A Holodeck can be setup in any space, but ideally, you want to take advantage of the unique features it brings and that’s the high player density and the low amount of operators you need in a large space. The room height should ideally be about 9ft/3m and also have no columns or infrared sources (direct sunlight is not ideal too). 


A Holodeck is the most efficient solution in terms of equipment and reduces the amount of equipment by up to 8x times. This also makes it more efficient and future proof as we are agnostic to the type of cameras and headsets you use.


A Holodeck costs much less than you might expect. That’s because of the hybrid sensor technology developed that reduces the amount of equipment needed and a Holodeck is future proof, so you can upgrade to the newest headsets and usually also the reduced prices in hardware. 

Want a Holodeck?
Want a Holodeck?
Want a Holodeck?
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