Try a real HOLODECK at EAS
in Amsterdam, Sept 25-27, Hall 6

There you will be able to try out a 10x10m Holodeck VR setup and we will demonstrate how easy it is to run scalable Holodecks
with only 2 operators. Earlier this year Holodeck VR has already showcased the smooth handling of over 10.000 visitors in just under four days at CEBIT.


Over 10k visitors at largest IT expo in Germany in just four days

About Us

HolodeckVR GmbH is a pioneer and market leader in providing turnkey, high quality multi-user VR experience to customers across all industries. We are an interdisciplinary team that understands and implements customer wishes holistically. Whether the product does not yet exist, is very complex and area-extensive, has many configuration options or the customer wishes to emotionalize brand values, we will help you competently and professionally.

  • Satisfied customers from the sectors: industry, automotive, entertainment, fashion
  • Unique patented technology & spin-off from Fraunhofer IIS, mp3 inventor

“putting people into dynamic VR experiences where they’ll be able to interact with each other in VR worlds in the same physical space”

“You’re not playing Pac-Man, you are Pac-Man”

“Human-centered design (HCD) is a methodology
 for creating new services and experiences that 
resonate meaningfully with customers”

“The Holodeck VR system, which can handle dozens of guests simultaneously, was the ideal extension”